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Clara's Club

Clara's Club is a supporting club within the larger Dayton Buckeye Model A Ford Club.  As such, it presents important activities that enrich the experience of the hobby for all Dayton Buckeye members.

All the women of Dayton Buckeye Model A Ford Club have membership in Clara's Club and may participate if they wish. We are named after the wife of Henry Ford who was a faithful supporter of her entrepreneur husband, while having many interests of her own.

Clara's Club members get together after our monthly business meeting while the men have their automotive tech sessions. Our interests are varied and we discuss anything from books, children, grandchildren, antiques, quilts, shopping, etc. You name it, we have discussed it. Occasionally, we will take a field trip such as attending the movie, "Kit Kittridge" or another outing suggested by our members.

We have members who participate in Model A Era Fashion Judging at the National Meets. There is also a group of us who regularly put on our traveling Model A Era fashion shows. We like to research era fashions and with the help of our Louise Ackerman Library, encourage and support one another in pursuit of era fashions. We are occasionally visited by Clara Ford, Jeanette Williams, and Lou Henry Hoover.

In Clara's Club the women get to know one another, expand our interests, and enjoy the company of each other as we share in the Model A hobby.

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