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How To

Focus Head Lamps

When you are driving at night, do people blink their lights at you? Maybe you have the other problem where they are aimed too low. It is not hard to fix the problem.

First you need a level place with a blank wall to shine your lights on. Measure 25 feet at a 90 degree angle away from the wall and make some kind of mark on the floor with tape, chalk, or a marking pen.

Now draw a horizontal line on the wall. It makes a difference how high you draw the line. For a 1928 — 29 Model A, you draw the line 37" above the floor. For 1930 — 31 Model A, you draw the line 39 1/2" inches high. The reason for the difference is because of the tire sizes.

Find the center of this line you now have on the wall. From the center measure out 15" each way and draw two vertical up and down lines. They should be 30 inches apart.

Now drive the car into the test area and get the headlights right above the 25 foot marks you have on the floor. Have the lights on and center the beams evenly on the wall as you drive the car into place.

The top of the beams or bright spots should just hit the line you drew on the wall. The two elliptical spots must be 20" apart. If not, you will need to do some adjusting of the headlamps.

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