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History of the Dayton Buckeye Model A Ford Club

The Dayton Buckeye Model A Ford Club, Inc. was formed in April of 1967.  Five Model A owners got together at the NCO Club of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to discuss the possibility of forming a Model A Club in the Dayton area.  From then on the activities of the club have been adding miles and smiles to Model A owners.

To date the club has approximately 120 members with over 150 Model A vehicles and numerous other classic and collectable cars, including a LaSalle and a Chevrolet. We attribute our success to the events, tours, outings and meetings the members enjoy throughout the year. Some of the events held annually include an anniversary party, a Christmas party, a chicken bar-b-que, a swap meet, a Moth Ball Run, (held in the spring), and a tour to the national club's annual Model A club meet. This meet is held anywhere from Dallas, Texas, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, from coast to coast and to which several members drive their Model As. Other activities have included raffling off a ride an a hot air balloon and chasing it in our Model As, a scavenger hunt, an overnight or out-of-state tour, tours to various points of interest, restoring a Model A chassis, and several types of road rallies. We have hosted national Model A club meets.

Some members have driven their cars 10 to 30 thousand miles since the club's beginning. Besides driving, our club features a wealth of restoration and technical information that is especially valuable to new and perspective members. Plus, when the occasion arises we can offer hands-on experience to those who need it, from painting to various mechanical restoring and rebuilding tasks.

Our members come from all walks of life, from farmers and factory workers, to business women and office workers. These people are not only from the Dayton and Miami Valley area, some are from as far away as Texas, Indiana, and Michigan.  In short, you don't have to be anyone special, own a super shiny show car, or own 12 Model As to join in the fun.  Sometimes when we take our cars on tour, we ARE the parade!

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